31 Percent of Americans believe a second civil war will happen soon!

Article by Bryan Howard June 27, 2018 According to the Rasmussen Reports, in their polls 31% of Americans believe a second Civil War will happen, within the next 5 years.  While 59% believe a Civil War is unlikely. This is a shocking number we have got this divided, where 31% of the nation believes a... Continue Reading →


Good Bye Public Unions!

Picture from Washingtonexaminer.com Article by Bryan Howard June 27, 2018 On Wednesday the Supreme Court Ruled in favor of right to work for public Unions! This was a heavily contested case before the Supreme Court 2 years ago. It was believed when it originally entered the Supreme Court it was going to be ruled as... Continue Reading →

5-4 Supreme Court Ruling, Uphold Travel Ban!

Article by Bryan Howard June 26,2018 The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, that the Trump temporary travel ban should be upheld. The court ruled to uphold it 5-4 vote. This travel ban affects many known terrorists sponsored countries. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote an opinion about the travel ban, claiming president Trump "lawfully exercised the... Continue Reading →

Maxine Drug Democrats In Deep “Waters” Again!

Picture from http://www.foxnews.com/ Article by Bryan Howard June 26th, 2018   Over the weekend Maxine Waters made headlines with her divisive rhetoric. This is becoming a trend since Trump has won office. Maxine is trying to capitalize on the sentiments of the radical left. At the rally she was quoted saying, "If you see anybody from... Continue Reading →

Republicans Demand List of Anti-Trump FBI!

Article by Bryan Howard June 25, 2018   A group of Republican Law makers have signed a letter requesting Rod Rosenstein to provide the names of everyone who has worked on the Robert Muller probe (Russia Investigation). Republicans were outraged to see all the anti-Trump bias from text messages that were discovered from Peter Strzok... Continue Reading →

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