Good Bye Public Unions!

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Article by Bryan Howard

June 27, 2018

On Wednesday the Supreme Court Ruled in favor of right to work for public Unions! This was a heavily contested case before the Supreme Court 2 years ago. It was believed when it originally entered the Supreme Court it was going to be ruled as right to work, however Antonin Scalia’s unexpected death made it a 4-4 vote.

Now a new case was brought into the supreme Court, with an Illinois State University employee Mark Janus, pushing for right to work. Janus was paying annual fees of $550 and he didn’t approve of his money going toward the democrat party. Therefore, he created a law suit so he and fellow employees would not be forced to hand money over for values they don’t agree with. Janus was quoted, “The fundamental issue is my right to choice,” and the courts ruled he is right with that claim, with a vote of 5-4.

The Labor Union obviously was not happy about the ruling, and they argued by calling Janus and others, “free riding”, and say they have a legal duty to advocate for all employees.” Which is an awful argument considering Public sector unions are not like a private union sector. In a Public Union Sector, the Union is negotiating contracts with politicians, the politician is not negotiating their money in the contract, they are negotiating our money. This means there is no incentive for the politician not to give big money to Public Union in favor of votes.

Considering the Public Union is 1/3 of the Government workforce, this will be a massive win for the Tax payer. Ever since Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch we have had some amazing outcomes from the Supreme Court rulings.


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