Democratic Socialism Is The New Base For Democrats!

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Article by Bryan Howard

June 27, 2018

On Tuesday night during the primaries in New York, Democrat Joe Crowley lost to a 28-year-old Democrat Socialist. Joe Crowley has been in his seat since 1999 and was looked at the future successor to Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the house. However, he was upset by underdog Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez is a 28-year-old female who is a Democrat Socialist. She also worked for Bernie Sanders as an Organizer. Yes, she is an extreme Bernie Sanders supporter and all his policies. This is the start to the end of any moderates in the Democrat party and will be the Democrat Socialist party going forward.

Some of her policies she endorses are, Medicare for all, Housing and college for all, and abolishing immigration and Custom Enforcement. She is backed by radical left-wing groups like Democrat Socialists of America, and Our Revolution which is backed by Bernie Sanders. This goes to show she is an extreme radical.

We are in a Time where the Democrat party is embracing extreme leftism and the two parties will drift further apart from apart.


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