Huge Victory For Pro-Life In Supreme Court Ruling!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 26, 2018


June 26th has been a busy day for the Supreme Court, following the ruling to uphold the Trump travel they passed a victory for Pro-Life. The case was National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Beccara over the Reproductive Fact Act Law.

NIFLA is a non-profit organization that teaches expecting mothers how to be prepared for the baby. There is only one problem with this in the state of California, NIFLA morally opposes abortion on religious grounds. And according to California law that was passed in 2015 it is mandated they educate expecting mothers about affordable abortions. This law was created to target pro-life groups and force them to follow the leftist agenda.

However, NAIFA took this law to the Supreme Court and won with a ruling of 5-4. The Court decided it was not fair to force organizations to spread information they morally oppose on religious grounds. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas stated: “California cannot co-opt (pregnancy centers) to deliver its message for it.”

Surly this will stir up massive outrage on the left, I for one will take this massive victory for conservatives and the Constitution. The Reproductive Fact Act Law, is a government overreach against the First Amendment. The First Amendments main purpose was preventing the government demanding citizens to say what the government wants said. Hopefully, this is only the start to the pro-life movement and momentum will snowball from here.


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