5-4 Supreme Court Ruling, Uphold Travel Ban!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 26,2018

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, that the Trump temporary travel ban should be upheld. The court ruled to uphold it 5-4 vote. This travel ban affects many known terrorists sponsored countries.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote an opinion about the travel ban, claiming president Trump “lawfully exercised the broad discretion granted to him under Section 1182(f) to suspend the entry of aliens into the United States.”

The opponents on the left are crying out, that president Trump is targeting religious freedom by banning Majority Muslim countries, claiming this is against the first amendment. However, the court responded with President Trump is within his right to push a temporary travel ban due to terrorist’s threat risks. And the security of the nation overrides the first amendment concerns.

With this ruling being an injunction, the case will now have to be taken to the lower courts to be heard. Stay tuned for further updates.


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