Democrats Keep Falling in Mid-Term Polls!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 25, 2018


In early June, CBS had a poll out for the 2018 midterms. This prediction had the Democrats winning 219 seats, while the Republicans winning 216 seats of the House. Keep in mind there is a (+,-) of 9 seats error you must account for, which means this is a dead heat heading into November.

The Democrats had a lead of 13 seats 6 months ago. The Democrats have been on a steady decline in the polls since the outbreak of anti-Trump rhetoric, anti-gun policy proposals, and now open border immigration policies. It is possible with the illegal immigration policies they are proposing we will see Republicans take a lead for the first time in the polls for July.

Historically the opposing party wins the House after the first two years of a new president, which means Democrats should win the House. However, we live in the Radical left and Trump era, where statistics and polls can be rendered meaningless with the unpredictability from the two sides. I for one believe the radical left has destroyed the Democrat party and we will see history made with Republicans keeping the House!


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