Silence Is Not Golden!

Article by Bryan Howard
June 24, 2018
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Why is it we are taught this phrase as a child but today’s progressives seem to have forgotten. All across the United States we are seeing Leftist Progressives advocating for Hate Speech Laws. They claim our words have serious psychiatric damage to their fragile egos, to the point they need safe spaces and free speech zones. As much fun as it is to make fun of these weak minded snowflakes we must take this seriously, because this has invaded other western countries and having disastrous consequences.
These “Hate Speech Laws” did not recently spring up, but was originated by the Soviet Union and incorporated as a weapon for political gain by the Nazis.Both of these tyrannical regimes were using this to silence their political adversaries to silence dissent. Both groups were able to use these laws as a highly successful tool to keep themselves from getting opposition. We know this turned out to be some of the darkest days in human history with over 100 million people dying from these tyrannical regimes.
It seems like the radical Left is at it again today. Free speech is under attack around the world and seems like the United States is the last stand for free speech. Countries that have taken in Hate Speech Laws are of the likes of The UK, Canada, and even Israel, now is knocking on the door of the United States. So lets take a look at what some Hate Speech crimes look like in some of these countries.
The UK has strict hate speech laws. Hate speech laws are highly subjective in the written law to the point that the police officer gets to determine if it sounds hateful. In other words if they politically disagree with you they can arrest you. The Law states if found guilty of hate speech you could serve up to 7 years of prison and large fines. Recently a comedian was arrested for teaching his pug to do a Hitler salute when ever he said the word Jew. He did this as a joke to his girlfriend (not a funny joke ), just because a joke is classless doesn’t give the government a right to arrest someone. A man was sentenced to 8 years of prison for giving a traffic Camera the finger. And who are the main targets of these Laws? Conservative speakers seem to get the blunt end of the stick, for many conservatives have been banned from entering the country. Lauren Southern who is a 22 year old conservative girl from Canada was labeled a terrorist and detained by police the moment she walked off the plane and sent back to Canada. UK has used Hate Speech Laws to prevent dissenting opinions.
Now we know the Motherland was taken over by Hate Speech Laws but how about our neighbors from the North “Aye”? Well, Since Socialist Justin Trudeau took over as Prime Minister he has doubled down on Hate Speech Laws, to the point where Canada is starting to ban books that aren’t even promoting hate. Also Canada recently passed an addition to the Law where you must refer to a person as the pronoun they identify as to protect transgender feelings, this offense could send an offender to prison. Mostly it has been used as a tool to try and silence Conservative voices from being opined.
Why should we be worried about other countries since we have the First Amendment protecting us you ask? Well, yes the First Amendment has been keeping us safe from this tyranny, but it only takes a radicalized Supreme Court to change the law of Free Speech. We already see the Democrat party has a radicalized leftists pushing for Hate Speech Laws and banning Conservative speakers from universities, like Ben Shapiro claiming he is a Nazi (Even though is an orthodox Jew, which we all know wasn’t the most popular with the Nazi type). Southern Poverty Law Center is labeling any conservatives as hate groups claiming they are spreading hate speech. Even the likes of Ben Carson and Carol Swain, which are both highly educated African American Conservatives. If we Conservatives do not push back against this hate speech push we will be eradicated from the thought table.

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