China, The Advanced Regression!

Article by Bryan Howard
June 24, 2018
China was under extreme Communist tyranny during the Mao era, which is only rivaled by Stalin’s Soviet Union. Mao regressed China to one of the most oppressed country’s in the world, and resulted in anywhere from 45-75 million deaths. Once Mao died in 1976, China started moving in the right direction. By the 1990’s and early 2000’s China started to embrace Capitalism and gave slight more freedoms to their citizens. However, It seems the delusional Marxists are back at it in China.
Chinese President Xi Jinping praised Karl Marx as the greatest thinker of recent times, this comes following Xi removing term limits for President. Now Xi can be president/Dictator for life. Has President Xi and the Communist Party decided to bring China to the Mao era of ultimate control over their people. This time they can do it with advanced technology at their disposal to control their people? With new recent policies Xi has forced, that seems likely.

Xi decided he needed to kill off dissent in any way possible. One way was by banning citizens from typing the Letter “n” into a computer. Xi banned the letter when rumor broke about removing term limits. The letter “n” was believed to be code for talk about the removal of term limits. This was a way for Xi to end dissent so he can force the end to term limits. However, this is per usual for a Dictator who has thin enough skin to ban Winnie the Pooh, all because his

citizens refer to him as Pooh (*He shockingly does resemble Winnie the Pooh)!
Once term limits were removed the reign of terror began. Xi and the Communist party recently started a social credit score program. Now cameras will follow citizens actions, to give them social scores on how good or bad of citizens they are. If the citizen is bad they will receive punishments like a travel ban. Things that will make a bad citizen are smoking in a nonsmoking area, poor driving, and posting what the government deems fake news (Plus whatever subjective opinions of a good citizen by the government). This will be in effect by 2020 and has been forced on millions as a trial run. Shockingly enough mass travel ban has been issued on many in this forced program (*eye roll). Good thing Obama isn’t our President at this point. Obama would be drooling at the thought of this idea, with a stroke of a pen he would executive order mass surveillance on American citizens.
Mao and other Communist nations have issued spying method in the past, but a less efficient tactic of using neighbors to notify the government of any suspicious activity. Now the Government won’t have to rely on citizens to spy on each other, but can use the more effective tool in technology to spy on everyone. (*Seems like ultimate freedom the Leftists keep talking about).
Xi didn’t stop there, he uses technology to advance his control further. China introduced a brainwave collector to measure the emotions of the workers. This is forced on state owned production lines, which is used to dictate if employees work or not (*Nothing better than big brother telling us if we are fit to earn money). One has to believe this will not stop with only work hours, I assume this will eventually be forced on all citizens to wear at all times, this way you are forced to stay in group thought of the Government. China is literally going to make thought a crime.
These tactics being enforced by China should concern the world due to the up-rise of extreme Leftism/Authoritarianism in all countries. This will be the standard many Left Leaning politicians will be trying to mold their policies for years to come. If Mao was able to kill at least 45 million citizens imagine how many could be lost under Xi with the ability to control with technology. The Left has always been looking to regress the world from freedom, now they can do it in an advanced way!

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