8 Conservative Values!


Article by Bryan Howard
June 24, 2018
In today’s America Conservatives are demonized unfairly and unjustly. Let’s be clear being a Conservative is not the same as a Republican, we conservatives use the Republican party as our driving force, much like the Progressive Left uses the Democrat party. Many conservatives are hiding their political beliefs in the work place, Universities, and in their social groups (family and friends) because they are afraid of the repercussions and pushed out like a Leper. I will not lie to you, I have lost many friends for being an outspoken conservative, and you will have to accept consequences of standing against group think. I say it’s better to be the black sheep than it is fitting in with the rest of the sheep lead to slaughter. A problem Conservatives have is a lack of communicating their values, or not having a full concept of all the values of what it constitutes to be a Conservative. This is why I am going to do my best to break down the values of a Conservative so you can defend your values and have no shame about Conservatism with your peers.
Conservative means conserving the ideas and values of the Founding Fathers. The Founders believed the Governments job was to protect Life, Liberty, and Property. Progressives have attacked all three of those areas with (Life) abortions, (Liberty) taking away freedoms/choices, and (Property) Having high taxation with wealth distribution. It is our Job to keep defending all three of these area’s, for if we lose one lose everything.
Being a Conservative does not mean we must agree on every political topic, believe it or not that is what keeps our movement honest, and prevents our side from becoming tyrannical like Progressives. However, there are some values we Conservatives can not compromise on. These values are the moral compass that guides us to a free better life that the Founders intended for the American people.
1. Family: The family unit is under constant attack from Progressives in many different forms. Progressives believe the Community raises the child not the parents, which undercuts the values of the family unit. One of the ways is with welfare. Since the introduction of welfare fathers are not staying home with their family. Fatherless homes have increased drastically once government became the provider for low income families. Progressives force their values on our children at school and we need to make sure to teach our children conservative/Judeo Christian values to protect our freedom.
2. Faith: The Constitution was built from the Bible, because the Founders felt God has already given us our rights. Without faith we can’t have a free moral society and people will look to praise the government as their Gods, look how the Left praised Obama as a God for an example. Only God can give or take our rights, if their is no faith in god then the government gives us our rights. Whatever right a government gives can take away. This is not a deal breaker to work with someone else if they don’t have faith but you can’t bend on your faith values.
3. Limited Government: Government is a necessary to have ultimate freedom, without government our private property could not be protected. However, we need to Limit the Government to it’s rightful intention, staying out of personal lives and private sector. Governments only job is to uphold the law and protect citizens, private property, and constitutional rights.
4. Low Taxation: Our Money is Property which gives us freedom to choose a life how we see fit. High taxation is stealing property and taking parts of our freedom. We need to demand Low taxation, I personally believe in a fair tax system which is no federal tax but all through sales taxation. I also love the Flat rate tax where everyone pays 10-15 percent in taxes with no loop holes.
5. American Exceptionalism: The Left has been pushing anti American/Western values. They are pushing false narratives like the Founders love slavery and created genocide against the Indians. Both are false they opposed slavery and for the most part had a good relationship with the Indians. They do what they can to discredit American values which is why we must protect American/Founders Values. If we don’t we will have a generation willing to take down everything the Founding Fathers built.
6. Individualism not Collectivism (Anti Communism): We must have belief in the Individual, individualism is under attack from Progressives because they believe in Marxism. Marxism is anti individualism and pro Collectivism. However, that is a failed philosophy, you can not achieve ultimate freedom in the collective. The Pursuit of Happiness can only be achieved by the individual, because only the individual knows what he/she personally want more in life, not the government/collective.
7. Strong Military Presence (Peace through Strength): We must build a strong military that will intimidate the world. Reagan used this tactic and he defeated the Soviet Union without going to a War. Unlike Libertarian belief we do need to intervene in some occasions in the world. The Founders believed we needed to help spread freedom to the world as long as the citizens wanted freedom. We shouldn’t intervene often in the world but we must step in when tyranny is out of control against citizens in another country.
8. Optimism: As Conservatives we must remain optimistic. Optimism leads to happiness and success in life. Next time observe Progressives happiness levels. They are miserable in life and that’s why they look to the government to save them from their misery. Optimism leads to freedom and ability to push through the hard times without government overreach.
These are my eight values of a Conservative, we must uphold and defend each value. While defending these values, you must maintain your morals and not stoop to the level of the Left. If you lose your morals you have already lost.
“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United State where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan

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